Friday, June 4, 2010

Writing in Outer Space

So, astronauts went to space and were trying to write, but realized because they don't have gravity, pens don't work in outer space. There is nothing to pull the ink to the bottom of the pen. Duh. Of course. So, naturally, the question is raised, "how can we design a pen that will write in outer space?" Then, the race begins to design an ingenious pen that will write from any direction. And of course, however many thousands of dollars are spent designing and creating this thing...

My question to you, dear reader, is: was that the right question for them to ask? Maybe. Maybe not.

I would propose this question: "How can we design a writing utensil that will write in outer space?"

Answer: The pencil.

Cost? $0.20.

Moral of the story: ask the right question.

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  1. Your post make me think on a key moment in a old Sci-Fi film „Solaris“ where a protagonist speaks about scientific searching; searching for a contact toward a extraterrestrial intelligence or something.

    I think ask the right question is very important; because it as in a short saying „In the right question there is a half of the answer“.... It can be important in our personal comunikation whit God to find the right question. I think it is a part of what the Lord want to say on us in D&C 9:7-8.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.


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