Saturday, June 12, 2010

LA Art Walk

I had one of the most unique experiences last night - I attended the LA Art Walk. (Check mark in my bucket list box.) I saw (and spoke with) all sorts of people, heard all sorts of music and smelled quite a few different smells (good and bad).

We went through a few galleries - one of them was an absolutely amazing industrial designed gallery. All the walls were exposed brick and the ceiling was also exposed. The art was awesome and so was the music. The night life in downtown LA has opened a whole new world for me! There were two naked guys (they actually were wearing underwear) riding their bikes trying to advertise for a "free ride." (A community naked bike ride...)

We also found an open-air market and walked around there. They had some awesome boutique booths with art, clothing and jewelry. I even got a tap on the shoulder by a guy with long curly hair, wearing skinny jeans and a shirt, jacket and bowtie, and had a cigarette in his right hand. He told me he loved my glasses and that I am "sexy." *ahem* It was slightly awkward, but I changed the subject by telling him I liked his bowtie - he was definitely drunk.

A few pics from the night...

My favorite gallery

One of the pieces of art... I think it would look great over my couch. 

More art... 

More art...

Gourmet cupcake shop... with a chick dancing in the middle of the store. 

Open-air market.

No question. I'm going back next month.

1 comment:

  1. and im coming with.

    hopefully sexy man will return, too. man do i miss seeing things like that around town.



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