Friday, March 5, 2010

A 30 cent pencil

I went to the testing center today and before I went, I looked in my bag for a pencil. I didn't find one so I decided to just borrow one from the Testing Center.

I got to the testing center and asked the girl at the counter if I could borrow a pencil. I knew this test was only going to take me about 20 minutes... she smiled and said, "No. But I can charge one to your BYU account?" I stared at her for a second thinking she was joking... "Okay, I just charged the 30 cents to your student account." I grumbled a thank you and took the stupid testing center pencil. (At least it was sharpened.)

Now I have to get online and pay the 30 cents charge with my credit card. She couldn't just take a quarter and a nickle from my pocket and call it good? Nope. She had to charge it to my student account.


  1. But now you've just drastically improved your credit score. I think a 'thanks' may just be in order.

  2. Just realize that that 30 cents could prevent you from getting your college degree if you don't pay it. That's ridiculous!

  3. what a little sneak. I always hated that testing center. And their pencils.

    (P.S. I'm so glad I found your blog!!!)


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