Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simple Satisfaction

I was talking with a friend and shared a few things from which I glean satisfaction. He looked at me kind of funny on a few things and I realized that I get satisfaction out of doing some funny things... in no specific order...

1. Filling up on gas

2. Cracking my back and hips in the morning

3. Emptying my bedroom garbage cans

4. Cleaning my bathroom

5. Using exact change when purchasing something

6. Brushing my teeth (but not necessarily going to the dentist)

7. Eye drops

8. Returning books to the library and videos to the store... on time

9. Putting Chap Stick/ lotion on

10. Scratching my head/ brushing my hair at the end of the day

11. Deleting unnecessary e-mails

12. Changing the page of my calendar to the new month

13. Throwing away a stack of old school assignments that I thought I would keep but haven't looked at since 2004.

14. Checking something off a list (even writing something down on my list after having already done it just so I can check it off)

15. Cleaning my glasses, laptop screen and phone screen.


  1. It's so true! The littlest things make me feel so proud of myself. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this:)

  2. I've heard around that the exact change one is a "chick thing". Go figure.

  3. Slipping on a pair of brand new socks is definitely in my top three. That and the cold side of the pillow.


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