Tuesday, March 23, 2010

All Things Man

"It can be said many ways: “hombre, mies, muz, burri, homme, cz’owiek or mann.” But even with all the different languages across the globe, man has one thing no one else has: a Y chromosome."

I'm guessing that The Man Expo could be considered the equivalent of The Bridal Fair for women? I guess that is a fair comparison. One has an overload of testosterone... the other an overload of estrogen.

Highlights of the man expo coming up in Utah:

Rock Climbing Wall
Paintball shooting range
Mechanical Bull
Indoor Wake-boarding demonstrations
Skate Park with Skateboard demonstrations
Keynote Speakers
Musical Guests/Concert
Celebrity appearances

and... a lesson on handshaking... [of utmost importance for the male species... you're not accepted into the pack without it]

So, to all the dear men in my life: go experience "all things man."

Hey Ladies! April 9 & 10: Girls nights out!


  1. a. you are fabulous.
    b. i find this hilarous because the man that created the Utah Man Expo is my stepbrother-in-law, jared.
    c. i worked at the first one they held to help jared out and it was quite the experience. a girls night is a much better suggestion!!


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