Monday, March 29, 2010

Anxiety-Ridden Salesmen

Heaven forbid confrontation! Do you like confrontation? I do - in most cases. With that I mean, I'm not afraid to confront someone about something or call someone out... I'm reading a book right now entitled "Trust or Consequences," by Al Golin. Something that I found interesting so far: he talks about his fear that because of technology, we soon may be able to avoid real, live conversations. How many of us have "g-chatted" a friend instead of just calling them on the phone. Or call a co-worker instead of walking the 10 feet to their office.

Golin says: "This is like the old radio show in which one of the characters was an anxiety-ridden, door-to-door salesman who desperately hope that 'no one would be at home.'"

He goes on to say that a lot of businessmen love their high-tech tools not just for improved efficiency but because they too hope that no one is home. They don't want to face sticky situations that might lead to a discussion or even a confrontation.

Heaven forbid confrontation!

Unless a company (or a person) makes a commitment to humanizing relationships, the online culture will take over. Sophisticated technology is enticing and it's easy to forget what's being sacrificed when a culture is overly dependent on this form of communication.

The end.

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