Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I heard today

I was walking on campus and had to chuckle at a few things I heard as I was walking... I had to bite my lip at a few things to keep from gasping. (Is it bad that I was listening in on other people's conversations? Hopefully not... because you're about to enjoy what they were saying.)

"My parents are going to kill me." (Guy walking and talking with another guy.)

"And you said yes?" (Girl talking on her phone...said with a slightly shocked/ disgusted tone.)

"Oh my gosh! Elder _________?!" (Only at BYU would a girl go running up to a guy screaming Elder in a really high-pitched, excited voice.)

"You're not going to tell Mom, are you?" (Girl on the phone.)

"It only cost $80" (The girl is holding up a darling black leather bag and pointing to it as she talks to her friend... cute bag... but $80?)

Winner of the day
"Daddy? I was talking to Mom about maybe getting a nose job for my birthday?" (Really? Really. I hate to stereotype myself, but she was blonde.)

I was getting so much enjoyment out of listening to people... but then I smelled a skunk, and I ran away.


  1. Oh wow. That is one thing I really, really miss about BYU campus. Sometimes I wish I could just stand between the library and the wilk when people are walking to class to hear those special tidbits.

    Those were some good captures you had.

  2. I love eaves dropping while walking. My brother calls it side-bustin. So entertaining :)


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