Friday, March 5, 2010

A nice reminder...

Elder Ballard gives a nice reminder...

"To you who feel harried and overwhelmed and who wonder whether you ever will be able to run fast enough to catch the departing train you think you should be on, I suggest that you learn to deal with each day as it comes, doing the best you can, without feelings of guilt or inadequacy...No one can do everything.

When you have done the best you can, be satisfied and don't look back and second-guess, wondering how you could have done more. Be at peace within yourselves. Rather than berate yourself for what you didn't do, congratulate yourself for what you did... Remember, our Heavenly Father never expects more of us than we can do."


  1. Ashley, Thank you so so much for posting this! It is exactly what I needed today! (I just turned in a rough draft of my senior thesis...and it needs a lot more work.) Thanks for the great thought! You are awesome, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Ashley, this is absolutely fantastic. Brava!


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