Thursday, April 8, 2010

Booger Story

I think we have all, unfortunately, had an experience akin to the following:

I remember a lecture in my Intro to PR class a few (or more) years ago. I will keep the identity of my professor safe, even though he doesn't teach at BYU anymore.

He was telling us of an experience from his freshman year at BYU in what used to be the Cannon Center. (All you youngins out there don't know the old Cannon Center...) He and his friends thought they were "all that and a bag a' potato chips" so they dared *said professor* to walk over to a table of attractive girls and talk to them.

Being the cool guy he was (is), he sauntered over there, put his hand on the table, "leaned in" a little, and gave them a suave smile and just as he started to say "Hello ladies," a booger flew out of his nose.

Moment officially killed.

1 comment:

  1. Okay, that's hilarious.

    Of topic. I'm curious, how do girls feel if a guy rolls up and tries to ask such a girl out on a date without before meeting her? Feel free to give your opinion.


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