Sunday, April 25, 2010

Playing Dragon

My niece and nephew came over today with their parents for Sunday dinner. (Their dad is my older brother.) These kids, 3 and 5 respectively, are absolutely adorable. I love being the only aunt at home because I get all of their attention. Today, that attention came in the form of playing "dragons!"

Rules to playing "dragons:"
1. You have to hiss a lot.
2. Run around looking like a T-rex with little puny hands. [Doesn't that pose an attractive image of AE Jones? Yes. Yes, it does.]
3. Pretend you have a stinger that will poke someone and kill them.
4. Randomly add super powers to your dragon as you go along playing. (i.e.: fire breathing, stingers all over your body, scorpion tail, and other such powers...)
5. Tickle and laugh A LOT.

I love being an aunt.


  1. As an uncle, my favorite is lava monster! Haha

  2. Oh good, I'm glad you got this down in writing. Now I have a reference point for this one day.


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