Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eating Corn

Which way do you eat your corn?

Typewriter style? *insert typewriter ding sound here*


Ring around the Rosie?

Personally, I eat "Ring around the Rosie" style. It is so much easier. Sure, you look like a pig eating it cause you fasten your teeth onto the corn and then basically just open and close your mouth like a robot while your teeth plow through the corn that is flying into your mouth like wood shavings. [Yes. That was a horrible run on sentence.] But it seems so much more difficult to eat to the side when you could just go up and down.

After you finish one full revolution of corn, you lean back and take a moment to chew. Then, you smile. [For future reference, don't smile until you are completely done eating your corn. Toothpicking and flossing should play a role in your preparation to smile.]

Does Brian Regan do a routine on eating corn on the cob? For some reason, I feel like he does, and I really want to post the video here.

[By the way... there is sincerely no way to femininely eat corn on the cob. No matter how daintily you try, it cannot be achieved. So, I wish all you girls out there to never have to eat corn on the cob on a date.]

[I have two thoughts for this picture. 1. This man ate too much corn on the cob... hence... well, you can see. 2. I feel badly for him because he is missing out on some amazing corn on the cob eating experiences.]


  1. hahahaha I love this picture! Very you. :) I think I eat type writer style...can't be sure though, we may need to add corn on the cob to our pre-grad eating wishlist

  2. I think this is the Brian Regan bit you're talking about. (Though, I didn't watch the whole thing, but I think I remember this being the one.)


  3. I eat it typewriter style, no question. I would personally say that is how nature intended that it was eaten - I mean, when you look at the kernals on the cobb, which direction are they lined up? When you eat it Ring around the Rosie, the kernals very rarely actually line up, and so ever bite that you take makes a jagged cut in and out from row to row. It makes for a less consistent line up, and a little more work when you eat it. However, if you eat it type writer style, you can chose a predetermined number of rows that you want to tackle at once, and follow it all the way down the line to completion. Case closed. Type writer style, hands down.


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