Friday, December 31, 2010


Wass up 2011!?
What are we going to be doing this year?

1. Put away an already determined amount of money in savings? Okay.

2. Make homemade lunches at least four times a week to save money? Okay.

3. No chocolate? Oh geez. Okay.

4. No carbonation? Okay.

5. No white/ little wheat bread? Okay.

6. Be better friends with Mr. Gym? Okay. I really should be nicer to him.

7. Be more social? Fine. I'll try. [Grumble... grumble...]

8. Buy a Canon EOS 60D camera? Sweet! Okay!

9. Get my little sister back on May 13? OKAY!

10. Backpack Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Moscow? ALRIGHT!

PS- A HUGE thank you to all my new followers... I reached my goal BEFORE Jan 1! Yay! I'll announce the winners tomorrow...


  1. I think you have a very similar list to mine, although my guy is already enforcing the whole no bread, hit the gym more, etc etc :) that's year round regardless of a new year for me! :) When do you plan to get your camera?

  2. Good for you!! I've tried to regulate bread, but sometimes it just tastes so good. :) I'm hoping to get my camera in the next couple of months. I've got to put a little away from each paycheck, and then I think I should have enough. Yay!

  3. sounds like an awesome year ahead of you! i share many of your goals, as well [especially #6].

    backpacking through europe?! amazing!

  4. Love your plans for 2011! Especially the new camera and get your sister back!! Not so much loving the no chocolate/no carbonation...I'll leave that to you! Happy New Year!! So glad you reached your follower goal!

  5. Love your list!! and your blog :)
    I'm a new follower!!

  6. stumbled upon your cute!

    no bubbles or chocolate? I don't know what would be left to eat or drink.....

    Happy New Year!


  7. good luck with your resolutions!! i am dead set on keeping mine...i should probably publish them as well so i'll be more accountable :)

    i should join you with the no chocolate thing...but i don't think i'll last long.

  8. love that a beautiful camera is on both of our lists! gooooooood luck 2011!

  9. Just found your blog, so cute! Love your goals! Especially the backpacking one, I've always wanted to go to Russia!

  10. (I'm pretty sure you've gone out to eat twice this week. Just sayin'.)
    (And I'm pretty sure you shouldn't give up chocolate. It's an important food group it curbs depression. That's what I've heard, anyway. You definitely don't want to go getting depressed and all.)


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