Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas recap

Aren't the two days after Christmas kind of sad? It is always a little bit of a let-down after Christmas is over... all the work and celebrating, and then done in one day. And they stopped playing the 24/7 Christmas music the day after Christmas! Sheesh! It's like a bandaid... they just rip it right off. [Eww.]

Three highlights of AE Jones' Christmas:

1. I got to Skype with my little sis (the Russian Beauty) in Moscow. We thought we'd only get to talk to her on the phone, but we actually got to SEE her! Made my week. Bless Skype's heart.

2. My brother's basement flooded on Thursday. We rushed over there and helped suck out the unending water, and rip out carpet and baseboards. It was crazy. My heart hurt seeing my brother and his little family have to go through that. But, in the end, it was pretty amazing to see how family and friends gathered to help in a time of need. Really quite amazing, actually.

3. And... guess what I gave my parentals for Christmas? My last car payment! I borrowed some money from them last year to buy my car, and I made my last payment to them on Christmas day. It was in a box and wrapped up with a pretty bow on top. It was a hefty check... pretty much all I'm worth. But, I am now debt-free, and I completely own my car.

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas as well! The celebrating isn't over, so keep enjoying this week!


  1. Nice! My mom and brother are in Greece, traveling around Europe. My other brother talks to them on the phone all the time, using Skype.

  2. Flooded basements sucK! ours use to flood a lot in my childhood house and to totally gross you out, it would back up from our Toilet! eww sewage! Gross! Yeah my dad used to have to bleach our whole basement floors everything was always kept up on crates to keep it off the floor..

  3. Congrats on owning your car!! I know that must feel amazing!! I love the new header, too!!

  4. i am also sad that christmas is over. back to the real world so fast...

    i am so happy i found your lovely blog!

  5. YAY! isn't being debt-free the most freeing feeling in the entire, whole world? i bet that was a gift to YOURSELF just as much as to your parents;) so, so happy you got to talk to your lovely sister, and how kind of you to help your brother! family is the best, and so important, and i'm so glad you got to spend time with yours this holiday season, in whatever circumstances! happy monday, sweet friend!

  6. best blog header logo yet. you are so cool !

  7. Yay!!! Thanks everyone. Lots of love right back at you.

  8. aw, i hope your brother and his fam are doing better! this actually happened to my parents when they were just starting out as a family, and it is definitely heartbreaking.

    i totally agree that skype is one of the most amazing inventions ever! i'm glad you got to talk to your sis.

    i love your blog header! and your layout in general. oh and your posts. so basically, i love your blog :) haha.

  9. Thanks so much on all of the above. xoxo :)

  10. oh my goodness.
    the RAIN.
    here in california it was insane.
    we literally dug a trench around our house.. on christmas night to avoid flooding!
    waders + umbrellas + shovels = unbelievable.
    haha we had fun with making our own canal underwood.

    it feels SO good to own cars free and clear :)

  11. yay for skype and for car ownership! I'm sure they appreciated that present, just as much as you appreciated the help from them to purchase it last year! Hope everything's going well for your brother now...happy Monday! xoxo {av}

  12. congrats on car ownership! aaah, i've only just bought a new one.. i have the rest of my life to pay it off! i can't even imagine how awesome that feels!

    congratulations! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  13. A flooded basement the day before Christmas? How sad! I'm glad they had such wonderful people to help them. Talking/seeing your sis and paying off your parents are two BIG, awesome things!

  14. I made a cake for my car the day I paid her off. It felt sooooooooooooo good (YOU know). Happy debt-free-ness :)


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