Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The "White" House

So, at church, I work with young women ages 14-16. We call them "Mia Maids." Do you remember being a 14-16-year-old? That is a hilarious stage of life. [And by hilarious, I mean awkward. At least it was for me.] I absolutely adore these girls... and I get a huge kick out of them. Below is an example why:

Girl 1: "So, I use ta think there was a reason they called The White House, 'The White House.'"

Girl 2: "What'd ya mean?"

Girl 1: "Wull, I use ta think they called it The White House cause we always had white presidents. But now we have Obama as a president; I guess that doesn't really make sense now."

Girl 2: "Wait, why?"

Girl 1: "Cause he's black. Duh."

Girl 2: "Wull, are they gonna change the name of the house?"

Girl 1: "I don't know - if they did it would be the 'black house' or somethin'."

All I could do was bite my lip, look down, smile, shake my head, and keep spreading my red frosting on the gingerbread cookie... or else I "probly" would have "LOLed."


  1. Don't you, MEW? I absolutely love it. I sometimes feel like I'm still a young woman... but I think that makes it even more fun to be with the girls, because we can all be "young" together. :) Miss you.

  2. I think you should have LOLed! and then maybe tell them that it was nicknamed the "White House" because of it being painted after it was damaged from when the British army burned down many buildings in Washington in the War of 1812 (which actually was 1814).... but that story might not be as believable as the 'girl 1' story.


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