Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A little celebrating

A gathering of the Jones posterity at Christmas time...

Thank you, Sugar n' Spice, for fulfilling our sugar cravings.

Freezin' our tooshes off seeing the lights on Temple Square.

Which one doesn't match? 

Everyone takes a "couple's shot" in front of the Temple... I pulled my sister in for my couple's shot.

Admiring the Deseret Book window. 

The fam at The Roof for a special celebration.  

Look at the beautiful women in my family... just missing one sister. 

Aren't they handsome?  

This is my man for now... Papa Jones.

Merry Christmas from yours truly. [Yep, that's my Merry Christmas face.]


  1. okay seriously. your family is gorgeous! and the pic of you and your sister is still adorable, couple or no couple. hooray for the holidays!

  2. Wow...your family is stunning! It looks like ya'll had a fun day!

  3. Ha ha ha. Love it. What a fun weekend.


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