Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where am I?

Where in the world is AE Jones going to bring in the new year?

I'm escaping the 1 degree winter weather in Utah, and running for, oh wait, my flight got CANCELLED this morning. I was supposed to be going to sunny California to meet one of my best friends for the holiday weekend before going back to work, but no. No flights today. No flights tomorrow. Lame.

To make things worse, the average temperature right now is 60 degrees. And we were going to visit the happiest place on earth," ride bikes on the pier, and take naps. Take NAPS for goodness sake!

Well, freckles, you'll just have to wait until spring to show your faces, because I'm bringing in the new year in 1 degree weather.


  1. That's odd. Especially since it's raining and not snowing.

  2. aw, that is a big bummer! :(

    i loved the comment you left on my post. what are you going to be doing over in Europe when you travel? i would love to hear about it!

  3. What a bummer! And one degree?!?! hope you can stay warm!

  4. Oh man! That's too bad! Stay warm!

    Hey, by the way, I just awarded you a stylish blogger award on my blog. I love your blog!! :) Check it out.

  5. oh, bummer! well i'm sure you'll ring in a fabulous new year in utah! xo

  6. I was going to go to California too!! Major sadness with the weather. There should be some fun stuff going down though. This is my first NYE in SLC so I'm looking into it! Good luck!


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