Monday, December 6, 2010

Nativity scene... kid style

I have to be clear about this - credit for this post goes to C Jane Enjoy It. I laughed so hard at this and had to share it.

"First, suspend your belief that only sheep and donkeys were present on that holy nativity night. Giraffes, aliens, dinosaurs...why not? And in that vein, Joseph could be an astronaut, and Mary, Mulan. See where this is going?" - C Jane Enjoy It

"Fourth, it would also be appropriate to use your Made in Japan toys to represent the wisemen because everyone knows they came from the Orient!"

Love it!


  1. Have you ever seen "Love, Actually?" There is a nativity scene in the end with lobsters and aliens. It's hilarious. As is yours!

  2. No, I haven't - I'm going to have to go watch it though. I want to see this nativity scene! I got this biggest kick out of these pictures!

  3. Ashley, you are TOO cute! Follow me on my blog and give me tips on how I can improve it! :)

  4. Thanks Mallory! I will definitely check out your blog!

  5. That is pretty awesome, and pretty funny. I would totally display such a nativity in my own home. Nice find!- Camellia

  6. What a cool idea for a nativity scene! Definitely original!

    Rambles with Reese


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