Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best moments of 2010

Here are some highlighted moments [photos] from my life in 2010...

Letting my sister [aka: best friend] go on a mission... for 18 long months. I had to learn how to live life [aka: flirt with boys and have a social life] without her.

My last semester of college, my group and I conquered our capstone class... the class you have to take in order to graduate. This was my last day of college. Sad day.

 I graduated from college with a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. This is my cheesy "what's next?" picture.

Three days after graduation, I moved to
 Los Angeles. I went with five other students from my program to do an internship for a lobbying firm. We worked through the summer in districts from San Francisco to San Diego... and drove everywhere. I became a pretty bomb-diggity LA driver. [I took this picture... not too shabby!]

 I fell in love with the LA Art Walk [this picture is me freaking out in one of the art shows... I LOVE ART], and the LA life in general. I want to go back.

Two other interns and I taking a day in Santa Monica. I am in love with Santa Monica and 3rd Street. I even bought this hat on 3rd Street.

 This one is huge... my first Dodgers game! Ate my first Dodger dog here. Bless its delicious heart. I could totally go for one of those right now.

I spent the Fourth of July in San Francisco with two best friends... we ate at this amazing authentic German restaurant, then saw Wicked! Loved it.

Celebrated my 24th birthday by almost losing my bra [and my breakfast] riding "X2" at Six Flags. If you are into roller coasters, this one, in my opinion, is the mecca of all roller coasters. You. Must. Go. [And no, I didn't really almost lose my bra... my strap came unhooked...alright?]

Was it worth it? Best birthday I've ever had.

 Oh yes I did... I learned how to surf. And yes, I got up and STAYED up. I'm a Cali girl at heart. I was born and raised in northern CA, so it must be in my blood, right?

My best friend threesome was slightly disrupted when the young man in the tux stepped into our lives. [I say OUR lives, because he needed our approval before any major steps were made.] Approval was given, and we let our girl go. Sad [incredibly wonderful] day. [He really loves us... can't you tell by his face?]

And to wrap up the year, I got a full-time job and moved back to Salt Lake City. I've been here the past four and a half months... and will be here until... I have no idea.

And, for one last fun thing, this picture represents two great things: 1. I got my hair highlighted for the first time. I've made it 24 years without doing anything to my hair... I finally decided it was time. This was big for me. Kind of lame, right?! But at the same time SUPER fun. 2. I attended the Messiah Sing-In at Abravanel Hall in SLC with  this great friend. I can't sing, but this was a blast.

It's been great 2010... love ya!


  1. wow! you have had quite the busy year m'lady! have i told you yet how much i love love love your header! also, congrats on all you accomplished this year and especially for being so brave to send your sister out on a mission! my best friend left to serve in finland and it nearly killed me! so stay strong and have a happy new year!

  2. What a great year!! I think that is so awesome that you moved to a big city and lived the city girl life! I'm jealous!! I love your highlighted hair, too! Good step!!

  3. what a sweet post. i love the pictures and commentary! :) it looks like you had a great year. i pray that 2011 is full of many blessings for you.


  4. AE Jones is BOMB! And you seriously were interning with pooperSCOOPer?

  5. Just now saw this - I love that I am in some of your pictures! It was a great year/summer, wasn't it?? : ) xoxo


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