Thursday, September 23, 2010

Crafty Shmafty

Should I feel guilty that I don't have any posts on my blog about cute crafts I've created this week? I feel slightly not-like-a-woman right now because the large majority of my friends have these fantastically impressive crafts they're pumpin' out. [ is the boarding house for this type of female.]

There are a lot of fabulous decorating/ craft blogs out there. I use them more as daydreaming options than anything; have I really recreated anything I've seen? Nope. However, I am really impressed with the evolution of craft-making. From toilet-paper dollies with string hair and button eyes to hand-painted striped rugs and gorgeous vintage jewelry.

Moral of the story: those who can't wed, plan.[Name the movie!] Those who can't craft, daydream!

Keep on crafting, my lovely boarding-school girls. I'll keep swooning...and buying.


  1. I saw all the greetings (Hello, Tag, Hola, Hey there, etc.) on your homepage and I think you should add "Shalom". Okay, I'm biased, I lived in Jerusalem and love Hebrew and Jews, but still. Sorry my comment is not related to crafts.

  2. Hello! Wedding Planner. Gotta love J-lo!

  3. Andy: I totally need to add Shalom in there. Thanks for the suggestion. Next time I update my header I'll add it. I appreciate any comments, not just those relating to the post! :)

  4. Air - well done. :) J-lo and her booty would be proud.


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