Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Work Visitors

While my coworker was out to lunch today, her husband came in and left her a card and an "Edible Arrangement." I'm sure you've seen them - the cute fruit arrangements that look like flowers? Ya, cute.

My friend, we'll call her Friend, asked Husband, "So, why are you doing this? Just cause you’re amazing?”

Husband answered, “No, because she’s amazing.”

*Insert huge sigh, here.*

This is the moment where I, hypothetically speaking, would have to hold back from stalking my favorite wedding photography blogs… you know, if I had favorite wedding blogs…

And hypothetically speaking, if you were interested in those blogs too, here are the ones I would stalk:

The Digital Orange

You Look Nice Today


  1. Oh no you didn't! Must.... resist... {my excuse is that I may take pictures for a living, so I gotsa do some artistic research... that's valid right?}

  2. HAA! I love you, Hill!! :) "Must...resist...meh!!" I like "artistic research" - that's what we'll call it from now on.

  3. i am proud to stay i stalk wedding blogs ALL the time!
    ok sounds kinda strange.
    i do "artistic research" as well!

  4. I'm just confused--there are blogs out there devoted entirely to weddings?

  5. the digital orange! he does all the wedding pictures for the "utah wedding" magazine.

    Not that I look at that or anything...

    I just love you. come back to me?

  6. Digital Orange... that is Mike's blog, right? Love Cunningham. Such a great seminary buddy!

  7. Oh Ryan... you have a lot to catch up on. :)

    Cat: yep... he does. Love it.

    Arn: yep, that's Mike's blog!


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