Monday, September 20, 2010

Smell the coffee

I'm supposed to be getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning and be at work at 6:30 for an event. I can't sleep. My body isn't used to going to bed at 9 pm. So, I rolled over and grabbed one of five books on my nightstand. "Writing Jane Austen," by Elizabeth Aston, was my pick of the night.

I love reading a book that gives you little golden nuggets. Like in tonight's book I read: "Clear your head; sniff the coffee." You know why they would tell you to sniff the coffee? Have you ever noticed the little containers of coffee beans at nice perfume shops? When you go to smell Dolce and Gabanna's Light Blue, but still have the smell of Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb in your nose, you need something to clear out the smells. Voila: coffee beans.

What an ingenious little idea. I love the smell of coffee. I don't drink it, but I do smell it.

And what a great little piece of advice. Clear your head. Smell the coffee. Sometimes, you do just have to sit and clear your head. Instead of finishing an assignment for work or school that is really important, take 20 minutes to do something you enjoy. For me, it is reading a book, or playing around with InDesign or Photoshop. A little nerdy, sure, but it clears my head.

Go smell the coffee. Don't drink it.

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