Sunday, September 12, 2010


I threw a party tonight and laughed more than I have in a looong time. Wow. Really. I have some great friends. Not all of them were here tonight - I missed a lot of friends, but, you can't get everyone where you want them. So ist das Leben.

I smell like smoke because we had a little fire in the fire pit and I learned how to roast Starbursts. A new one for me. My dentist would kill me... but, it was enjoyable, and surprisingly delicious.

Part of the night was filled with jokes:

Q) How do you get Pikachu on a bus?
A) You pok-em-on! (Get it? Poke him on! Pokemon!? HAA!)

Q) Why don't you want to shower with Pokemon?
A) Cause he'll pik-a-chu! (Get it? Peek at you? Pikachu! HA!!)

This was a true story... my cheeks were killing after this one. Thanks Becca Pike for sharing this: a doctor is looking at his patients record and sees that her name is La-a. He isn't quite sure how to pronounce it, so he goes for the safest bet and greets her as "La-a." (Saying it as it looks.) She corrects him, "Honey! That ain't La-a, that's 'La dash a'!" HA HA HA HA HA HA!! I wish you could have heard Becca say it - her face and voice were priceless. Really.

Great times. Love all of you guys.

PS- lesson #45 I learned tonight: I STINK at sling dog/ white trash golf. I just can't throw those stupid things.

PPS- anyone up for the Utah State Fair next weekend?


  1. i wish i could be your friend in the slc.

  2. next time you have a party and i can actually go i'm going to google some jokes to share so that people think i'm funny.



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