Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Stuffed Olives

Thanks to my younger sister, currently serving in the Russia Moscow Mission, for the following concept. She and her roommates came up with this theory/ analogy you're about to enjoy reading:

The Stuffed Olive Analogy

"Imagine that life is a Halloween party.

You walk into the party and notice three girls in particular. The first is dressed as an angel. She is very pretty and very sweet. She says all the right things at the right times and giggles at all your jokes, making the guy feel like a real man. She doesn't have many strong opinions; she's easy to get along with. She's just perfect--a total angel.

The second girl is dressed as Catwoman--the tight, black leather pants and tail included. This girl is quite attractive, to say the least. She's super sassy and sarcastic. She is totally mysterious, too: she could be into you and totally flirting with you, but, then again, she could have flirted with every other guy at the party. It's hard to tell. All you know is that she's sexy and sassy.

The third girl is dressed in a paper mache stuffed olive costume that she made herself. She's also sporting a red hat for the pimento. [You know, the red thing that sticks out of the green olive in martinis? I only know from the movies.] This girl is hilarious. She is crazy and out there, not afraid at all to be herself. She has strong opinions and isn't ashamed to share them. She's a ton of fun to be around."

There you have it... the stuffed olive analogy. I'd like to toast that analogy, as well as my little sister and her friends for coming up with the analogy.


  1. i like this too.
    i wonder who I am?! hm.
    AEJ. i am SO excited to see you this weekend!
    so. excited.

  2. Yay for stuffed olives and the girls who are unique! I loved when you shared this with me on the mission.


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