Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Friday!

Please tell me I'm crazy, or is this not one of the most beautiful addresses you have ever seen or said?

Fourty-sixth at Grace

It's actually a blog, but I thought it made a fantastically beautiful address. I want to reside at this address. Fourty-sixth at Grace.

In addition to everyone needing Fridays and the above address, the following are a few good things everyone should have/ experience:

Everyone should have a gnome.

Everyone should travel. 

Everyone makes mistakes. It's okay. 

Everyone should type on a typewriter at least once in their lives.

Everyone should embrace losing their baby teeth... this little guy is missing about three right now.
Everyone should eat a hamburger... could even be on your wedding day.

[FYI: This post was not written while I was at work. I wrote it late Thursday night in order to post on Friday. I do work while I'm at work.]


  1. I wish I was as good at updating my blog as you are with yours. You always have great things to share. Sunday nights, designated for when I used to blog regularly, I now usually end up checking out your latest post and long for the days when I had internet and some extra time. Maybe next week! Keep the posts coming, Ash!

  2. Hillary: gnome tea party will basically be the event of the year. I'm wishing now that I would have purhcased more gnomes while in Germany. I could have had a serious collection by now. ;)


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