Saturday, September 18, 2010

You want me to what?

Umm, ya, heck no. There is no way I'm paying for this. When I fly, I pay for comfort. (As much comfort as one can get on an airplane.) Not two hours of riding a horse then walking away with bruises on my knees.

"A yee-ha moment? Airlines could be attracted to the new Skyrider saddle seat because it would enable them to squeeze more passengers into a cabin without compromising strict safety rules dictated by European aviation authorities."


  1. It's like playing a huge game of sardines. I can't image trying to take Allie on a plane like that.

  2. They have tray's on the back of the chairs - I can't even imagine that ANYONE can open those trays while seated. I guess if you took a flight on a plane with those seats, you might have the added bonus of nobody actually wanting to fly on it, so the seats to either side of you would probably be open. That's the only situation I can really imagine the trays to be useful...


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