Monday, October 4, 2010

Christmas... according to Costco

Wait, is it Christmas time? Based on Costco's current decor, I could have sworn we were in the middle of December.

Bows... ribbon... Christmas cards... nativity scenes...what the, why so early, Costco? Let me enjoy a little fall before you throw me into winter.

I love celebrating Christmas, but not on September 29 when you started celebrating.


  1. Don't step foot in Hobby Lobby. Now, I love Jesus year round, but honestly, Christmas decorations in July! Makes me want to punch Santa in the gonads.

  2. I am so tempted to say Bah Humbug & call you Scrooge...except I agree with you. Wish I were throwing a Halloween Dance Party with you!!

  3. Ha ha ha, Kristina! I love you! I'm right there with you.

    Add: I say we do a three-way Skype call with Bre and have a Halloween Dance party. Bre will have to bring "The Monster Mash" CD! :)


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