Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lucky Winner #40: Leigh Dethman

Per her request, Ms. Dethman is now receiving the poem she earned for becoming A.E. Jones' fortieth follower! [No judging of the rhyming, please.]

Her name is Leigh, it rhymes with we,
Leigh, I’m not sure if you play the Wii,
But I know you’ve had more than one card key,

You're dear friends with Diet Coke,
As well as the D-News folk,

Publicity is your game,
Your name will forever be in fame,

Your lipstick is pink,
your blues eyes give boys the wink,

Is this poem funny or creepy?
I hope I'm not making you weepy.

You and I try to make mad people happy,
Yes, our job is sometimes crappy.

But most of the time it is a blast,
especially when we meet the "Midway to Heaven" cast.

I draw this poem to a close,
I know you're so impressed with my prose.

Sometimes when we're well fed,
Similar ideas are said,
But please, Leigh, "get out of my head."

A big round of applause for my awesome coworker, Leigh Dethman!


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