Thursday, October 21, 2010

Niece #4 and the Bum Dial

Meet Niece #4: Danica Diane Hatch

I was just sitting down to my desk at work this morning when my cell phone started ringing. I saw that it was my older sister so I answered it.



"Hello?" [I'm pretty sure my sister doesn't talk like that.]

"Lllaaasdfw wesdf vsdfowe sd dfgd wewer! Hiiiiiiii!"

"Danica? Is Mommy there?"

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! asdfjwer sdfdv dfweroif dgfdfg! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Then my sister gets on and asks, "Hello? Who is this?" I told her it was me and we both got a big laugh out of it. Apparently Niece #4 sat on the phone and I was the lucky "callee."

Niece #4: Danica Diane Hatch

[In her family, they don't say "cheese" when taking a picture, they say "queso." This is her rendition of "queso."]

[She has her mother's (and her Aunt Ash's) charm.]

[She has lots of love and smiles.]

[She is a total pixie, just like all my nieces.]

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  1. For cute!! What a darling little pixie! I could just eat her up. In fact, I pretty much do exactly that on a daily basis. Sorry about the butt dialing from my princess. Although, she is a pretty smart girl. She just wanted to talk to her Aunt Ash! :)


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