Friday, October 29, 2010

Thought process of a girl buying a shirt

Boys: this post isn't really for you. But, it may be beneficial for you to read so you catch a small glimpse into your girl's mind when it comes to shopping.

Girls: some of us are on budgets. Some aren't. Some of us like shopping. Some don't. No matter who you are and what your opinion of shopping is, you cannot deny the little heel click and squeal when you find a shirt you know was made for you. It's happened to you before... you know which feeling I'm talking about.

If it has been a while, here is a reminder. But, I suggest you actually go and act this post out, don't just read this post. On the contrary, when you're in the mood to go shopping but Mr. Budget is holding you back, read this post to get that heel-clicking feeling out of your system. [By the way, why do I automatically assume "Budget" is male?]

Walking into your favorite store [mine is probably Gap] is like a fat kid walking into a candy store.I can't help but peek...a gorgeous little piece of cloth catches my eye [like a cute guy at a party]...I make a beeline for the product...feel the fabric...hmm, nice fabric...rearrange or fluff the neck line a titch...weezle around the hangers and neighboring clothes trying to find the price tag...hmm, not too shabby...pick it up and hold it up to yourself in the mirror...hmm, too for your size...found it, YES! must be a sign you're suppose to buy it over your arm...feel really cool that you just found a darling piece of clothing for yourself...saunter back to the dressing room to view the piece actually on it on...turn around in the mirror...self-affirming comments: you look dang good...this shirt was made for you...come up with reason to buy it: date with cute guy in two days...walk to the cash register...ON SALE? was meant to be...

Girls, am I alone in thinking like this? [Hypothetically speaking, of course...]


  1. I need even fewer reasons to buy a shirt. So yes, I understand.

  2. I am currently wearing a new shirt and cardigan, and I am feeling pretty snazzy. And really, if I wake up in the morning, I am looking to buy something.

  3. Krista, I'm right there with you... but Kristina, that feeling of wearing a new combination... nothing better. :) Thanks for the comments ladies.

  4. Hilarious, Ash! And spot on. From the click of the heels to the fact that my budget is most definitely male!!! :)


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