Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Blogs with music ... la la NO

So, you're in the library or the mac lab in the BRMB and you find yourself looking through your friend's blogs and you find a post that looks intriguing, some may say promising. You click it, start scrolling around, and then BHAM ... the music starts! Ugghh. Awkward. That startling jolt from some sappy love song sends your stomach to your throat ... you hurry and hit the sound button on the keyboard and hear the little mac sound squeaking quieter and quieter, but that is just as awkward -- there is no covering up. Your face turns a little red, and you casually look around to play it off as if someone else had just been caught listening to Seal's "Kissed From A Rose." But, you know. No more playing music on blogs.

1 comment:


    You are sooo lame that you don't appreciate good music. Understandably, if you don't like the song, sure you won't like it. But I have good music on mine...


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