Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fall... fashion

I'm not ready for fall to be here. I love the feeling of falling asleep with your window and door open ... waking up with the sun ... walking outside and feeling the sun smiling at you ... wearing light summer skirts and darling sandals that show off your sweetly pedicured toenails ... bah. Come back summer. Please?

However, I have to admit that a quick shopping splurge with my mother this week definitely broke the ice for me and helped me shift my attitude around a little. I have been looking on some fashion blogs and wow, there is some cute stuff out there this season. Fall/ winter dressing does get me excited for cooler weather. The jackets right now are phenomenal. The high-collared lapels and longer lengths are so attractive and complimentary. Mmm. I purchased a beautiful black coat from H&M with the high collar and buttons down the front... ahh, I love it. I also just purchased this beautiful jacket which I am SO excited to wear.

I think the only problem with dressing for cooler weather is shoes. Shoes. Especially walking to and from campus in rain and snow. You can't wear the cute heels or suede shoes that you can during summer... but, I'm just going to have to deal with it, or move to AZ. Eventually, maybe I will move. Either way, I'm going to enjoy dressing this winter.

So, summary of this blog post: I am not ready for winter, but I am ready for this jacket.

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