Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pep talk from the Pres

This is a great article. I watched Obama's speech and had mixed feelings. There were some great points - his speech writer knew the right words to use to inspire and excite. Yes, his speech writer. I also was a little turned off at a few comments - yes, we and the public school (not private) students are the future but we are not living in a socialist society. This isn't a Hitler's youth repeat.

From a gospel perspective, it is great that he is encouraging education. Maybe President Hinckley is influencing him from the other side. Obama is, however, resisting any other positive influence.

My favorite part of the article is this: "'It made me want to fall asleep,' said Sarah Vogt, a sophomore. One of Sarah’s classmates seemed to take Mr. Obama’s study-hard message a bit too literally: calculator in hand, she worked on homework throughout the presidential address." Awesome.

That is what you want to see, isn't it, Mr. President?

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  1. Ashley! I just stumbled on to your blog and I like it. Even more than I liked Obama's address. I liked it, but I felt his rhetoric was a bit off, I mean, when you start throwing the sentence, "for your country" at K-12ers, it can get a little preachy. Good blog, though.


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