Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alternative titles for Stay-at-home-Moms

I saw an article in the Washington Post and had to chuckle a little bit... they are trying to come up with a new, accurate, respect-inspriring, gender-neutral description for moms (and dads) whose full-time job is raising their children.

Not sure what is wrong with "stay-at-home-Mom/Dad..." but I liked some of the responses and came up with a few of my own:

-Director of Child Development

-Full-time junior jockeys

-Instead of Housewives, replace a few letters and you have Housewipers!

-Master or Mistress of the Domain

-CHO= Chief Home Officer

-"CinC-House" that is, "Commander in Chief of the House". Pronounced "sink-house."

-MOTHER ("Master Of The Home and External Responsibilities")

-Paravan: a combination of "parent" and "mini-van".

-Domestic engineer


  1. I think I like domestic engineer best. I kind of liked CHO or whatever, but I think you and your husband should be more of a partnership rather than one of you being a Chieftess.

  2. Definitely agree with you on that one. Some of these seem a little "one-sided" which isn't my viewpoint. It is definitely a partnership.


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