Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tonight, my two best friends and I attended Humor U Comedy at the Varsity Theatre.

I haven't laughed so hard for a while. I highly recommend it.

My roommates and I have a pretty long record with dancing and dance parties. The other night we had a random dance party at 11:00 pm and tried our hand at the "pop, lock and drop." A little rough, to be sure. Tonight, one of the comedians was an African-American who is an extremely good dancer.

My rooommates and I got home tonight and we were talking in the kitchen. I started trying to imitate the guy and one of his dance moves (looked similar to "the Jerk".) I was giving it my best shot but my roommates laughed and said: "Ash, you are not black."


  1. Totally went last night! The last dude was SO hilarious, though a funnier picture might be you trying to imitate him! haha

  2. Ash! I just saw your posts on my blog, and so I had to read your blog. LOVE IT! Check out the shout-out to you and JoAnn on my recent post. I loved sitting by you at HumorU. You make me happy!


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