Friday, January 1, 2010

Giving up chocolate

I've been working on goals for the new year. I returned home from my mission one year ago, yesterday.(Eeeeell!If you know me, you know what sound I'm trying to spell there.) I can't believe it has been a year. This time has flooown by. It has been quite an amazing year. A lot has happened and I'm pleased with everything I did this year. No regrets. Except for maybe spending so many Friday nights studying and working on projects. (I'm going to work on that this year.)

I created quite a few goals for myself this year. One of them being: no chocolate. I'm going to go a year without eating that sweet deliciousness. I've done it before - I've also accomplished not drinking pop for a year, as well as ice cream. I don't drink pop or eat ice cream enough to feel like I need to give those up, but I do enjoy chocolate. So, to show myself who is really in control (my mind or my appetite) I'm going off chocolate. I'm excited.

I've also made a goal to be more social. This past semester was good in the beginning, but I struggled with that "s" word a little. My little sister was getting ready to leave on her mission and I wanted to spend every minute with her that I could. I did. I loved every minute of it. But now that she is gone, my crutch is gone. This means I have to go and meet people and play instead of stay at home on a Friday and work or study. I enjoy those things, but a friend told me today that it is the people that will matter most after I graduate from college, not the things. I have been focused a lot on things (i.e.: internships, jobs, future, money, classes, projects) and not enough on the amazing friends I have around me.

A little appendige to that goal is dating. Ugh.

The "d" word. I have to date more. Enough said. I wrote it down on my list of goals but I would hardly call it a goal because it simply says: "Date more." Not specific, measurable, attainable, time-bound or mission driven whatsoever. I chuckled at myself. I can tell my motivation for this goal is pretty up there. adfja;ldskfjas;ldkfja. (Yes, I meant to do that.)


  1. Love this post. No worries, I'll be here with you on the no chocolate thing. It is going to be a great challenge!
    Date. Yes, go out and date. Get in all the experience you can dating. Why not?? There will be good and bad dating stories but at least keep building up those stories. Believe me, it makes for a funny night when you get to sit back with your hubby and tell all the dating horror stories. :)

  2. specific, measurable, time bound, mission driven, are such a BYU PR student! Thanks for taking me back to that! Are you in 421?


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