Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Macbook Sleeves... which one?

So, I ordered a Macbook Pro yesterday. I have been a very happy girl today because of it. I made a special order (I added a 320 GB hard drive to the 13" Macbook Pro (2.53 GHZ) and should be receiving it sometime next week.

I am so excited.

I have been doing my research as far as protection goes. I have found the following:

I will be applying a BodyGuardz to my Macbook. (I have one on my Blackberry and I LOVE it.)

The other question is, the sleeve. Hmm, yes, that is the question. Below are two pictures of the sleeves I have chosen. The problem is, I really like them both, a lot. Want to help?




I like them both, as I said. I feel like the Burlap is a little more fun and earthy/ indy. The leather is a little more business and clean. What think ye?


  1. my vote goes with the leather. :-)

  2. I think maybe the burlap one because it has a pocket for your charging cords. The leather one didn't look like it had that. ?? They're both nice. I like the look of the burlap one though. It seems like you!

  3. So excited for you! We can be like twins! But, where did you find these sleeves? I may need to invest!

  4. I like the man with the leather case. Take him and the leather case! But i really do like the burlap case too.

  5. Personally, I'd go leather. Looks more professional. Not sure how many peeps in LA are sporting a burlap sleeve. Then again, that might be a good incentive to go burlap. :)

    You are a putz. Macbook Pro has been the topic of conversation between me and Jordy every birthday, Christmas, Halloween, Labor Day or anything that even sounds like a holiday for the past two years. Apparently I haven't been convincing enough! Maybe I should have YOU talk to him. Ha ha.

  6. Very jealous. I love macs. I would go leather, burlap will wear out faster.

  7. Ash, I LOVE your pictures! Just wanted to tell you. I say leather, it can double as a pillow in the library better than burlap.


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