Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Post Address Post

Madam Speaker: The President of the United States!

I must admit that I went through a a range of emotions as I watched the President's first State of the Union Address. I do not claim to be a political junky - I am simply interested in the happenings of the government to which I belong. As you read this post, I will give a disclaimer that I do not proport to know everything or even a lot about Obama and his decisions or the way our government works or what is currently happening. I am still sitting on the fence with some of my opinions - I haven't researched things enough to form an opinion. I will be the first to admit that - but I do have opinions on most things. So, if you don't agree with some or any of the things I have written below, that is your freedom. This is a personal blog and I have the right to state my opinion and thoughts.

So to start out, President Obama stated the worst of the recession is past but the devastation is still pending. These struggles are the reasons he ran for President, but has he done anything about them? Children are writing the president asking when their parents can go back to work? Nice job pulling the sympathy card.

Hard work on Wall St. is rewarded but hard work on Main Street isn't. Good point.

Joe Biden looked like he was chuckling at an inside joke the whole time. His wife is just a smiley as he is.

After the President's long list of areas where he has cut taxes, it was interesting watching half of the room give Obama a standing ovation and the other half sit motionless in silence. "Thought I'd get an applause on that one," Obama said. Definitely wasn't the last time we'd see this reaction.

I was grateful that Obama was honest enough to recognize that for every success story, there is a sister story of failure or accomplishments not attained -- which is why he is calling for a new job bill... tonight. Financing small banks with $30 billion dollars from Wall St -- a tax incentive for all small and large businesses. The Republicans again, just sat with their mouths hanging open and their heads shaking. He then compares us to China and other nations - what is this, are we trying to keep up with the Joneses? (No pun intended.) No! This kind of thinking is only going to get us in trouble. Taxes on companies that are shipping jobs out of the U.S. and fewer taxes for companies that are keeping jobs in the U.S. - that is just turning us into a capitalistic and isolated union. I do not agree with that. Why are we talking about China? We have nothing to prove to them! "I do not accept second place for the United States of America!" This isn't a competition with China! If he wants to eliminate outsourcing jobs to foreign nations, we are destabilizing our country as well as the foreign nations. He wants to form trade agreements with South Korea, Panama, Columbia. (First standing ovation from the Republicans.)

The nation made the largest investment in the history of research last year... working on killing cancer cells but leaving healthy cells behind - sure, everyone wants a cure for cancer... except the pharmaceutical companies. Why would they want to find a cure for cancer? That is their whole living right there. If cancer patients aren't coming in, how are they getting their paychecks? They want to treat cancer, not prevent it.

"The nation that leads in clean air economy will lead in global economy and America must be that nation." My goodness. Again, who are we trying to impress? This isn't a race to be number one.

The best anti-poverty program around is education! Yes! Could not agree more. Community colleges need to be revitalized as a source for that program. Why can't we take the $30 billion and put it toward this education program? And those students who go to college will only have to pay 10 percent of their student loans... and after 20 years their debt will be forgiven. (I need to reread this section... I think I missed a few details in this section of his speech.) Why in the world? So, the debt is just going to go away? No; debt is debt. Who is going to pay for it? Reform is needed, but in moderation!

Childhood obesity: thank you Michelle for working on tackling that. I absolutely agree with her. That is an issue that not only needs to be discussed but acted upon!

Health insurance: He is not going to walk away from the Americans who are losing their health insurance. He apologized for not more clearly explaining his expectations and plans for the bill - (which shows there was a mistake made.) "After the temperatures cool, take another look at the plan." "Here is what I ask Congress: don't walk away from reform. Not now. Not when we're so close." Close to what?

Start the conversation on government spending by setting it straight. The families in America are tightening their belts and the Federal Government must do the same. Ha! This is a new idea? I'll believe it when I see it. Why in 2011? Why not today? Why not eliminate the $30 billion to small businesses? By the way, what does "freezing spending" mean. Ha- putting the cut into effect in 2011 when the economy is stronger... that is what a budget is. I loved the Republican's reaction to that. We not only face a deficit of money but a deficit of trust. The government must do their work openly on both ends of Pennsylvania Ave. He gave the list of things that won't be frozen: Medicare, defense, education, Medicaid... okay, so what is being frozen? Isn't that where most of the spending is anyway?

To close up, he talked about the differences in opinion and philosophy. He talks about the Democrats holding the largest majority and that the people expect them to solve problems, not run for the hills. He defends partisanship but then addresses the parties separately and almost chides the Republicans for their actions. Leadership isn't just taking action, it is learning when to take action.

As a candidate, "I promise to end this war." That is a really big promise, President Obama. "This war is ending and all our troops are coming home." Can you put a timeline on a war? "Okay, exactly three years from now, the war will be over, because I will be either out of office or running for re-election and need this to win. I also don't want to break another promise."

Should those who choose same gender attraction be allowed to serve their country?(In the military.) First of all, that was a pretty controversial topic to bring up in his State of the Union Address. I'm glad he is pushing for that - those with same gender attraction have the right to serve their country. However, there are no exceptions for them and the rules. They will be held to the same standard to which everyone else is held.

In his closing remarks he is talking about cynicism and distrust - how unacceptable it is to point fingers. But, what was he doing during his "philosophy of government" discussion just a few minutes ago? He was totally pointing fingers... at the Republic party because they don't agree with him and refuse to support him in his liberal ideals. When you point a finger, you have three pointing back at you.

There were a lot of contradictions and big promises.

Does it take a national/ global tragedy to bring a nation and world together? He was thanking the people who are volunteering in Haiti and helping so much there. Those that were helping were chanting "USA! USA!" His tone was that of tragedy strengthening the people and that the American spirit that existed 100 years ago still lives on in us. We saw it with 9/11, we saw it with Hurricane Katrina, we saw it with the tsunami in Indonesia, we are seeing it with Haiti. It is a cycle. We are hit with tragedy, we are humbled, we built up again, we get prideful, then are hit again with tragedy.

Alma 15: 17
"Therefore, after Alma having established the church at Sidom, seeing a great check, yea, seeing that the people were checked as to the pride of their hearts, and began to humble themselves before God, and began to assemble themselves together at their sanctuaries to dworship God before the altar, watching and praying continually, that they might be delivered from Satan, and from death, and from destruction—"

Hel. 11: 37
And it came to pass in the eighty and fifth year they did wax stronger and stronger in their pride, and in their wickedness; and thus they were aripening again for destruction.

3 Ne. 4: 33
And their hearts were swollen with joy, unto the gushing out of many tears, because of the great goodness of God in delivering them out of the hands of their enemies; and they knew it was because of their repentance and their humility that they had been delivered from an everlasting destruction.


  1. Way to get on top of it fast! I was surprised to see you already had a response to it! It was spicy here in DC. We had 30 Poli Sci students and advocates of all types in a room reacting to everything.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said! I was very sick of the empty pathos and ethos rhetoric, but that goes as expected. Gov. McDonnell's GOP response held about the same amount of it, too. Sometimes they ended up blaming the other party for the exact same general talking points. Either side was 90% rhetoric, and 10% actual partisan ideas.

    Furthermore, I thought it was ridiculous how Pres. Obama went from saying he walked into $1 trillion debt forced from the previous year alone and the only responsible thing to do was spend another $1 trillion in his first year to somehow fix it through quoting immeasurable facts of job creation and unemployment rates. And he said it all in almost the same breath, yet as if they were completely unrelated. I don't believe that you can accurately predict the influence any policy will have on job creations and unemployment, nor that you can claim credit for immeasurable success.

    I agree as well, though, that education needs money and reform. But, I find it disconcerting that the $30 billion the government used to bail out banks, upon being paid back, will be used on something else. What if we used all the money we got paid back to pay off the deficit it created? I'm realizing more and more that once the government has let go of money they irresponsibly decide to never take it back. Hence the need to keep government spending low from the beginning and not work in hindsight.

    Anyway, those are my simple-reaction, two cents from the nation's capital :)

  2. Oh goodness, I smell a couple of staunch republicans here. haha. I applaud your awareness and concern, though. Good ideas.


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