Monday, January 18, 2010

Only a few days left

So, my roommate's blog post inspired this post:

I have 93 days left of my college career.

I also have 98 days before I move to LA.

*Insert squeal here.*

So, my dear friends, less than 100 days to enjoy all of the many pleasantries of Provo. And one thing my roommates and I have to do (since we are all graduating in April) is take a picture in our cap and gowns together. One of my roommates will be graduating from the nursing program at UVU and their graduation ceremonies are a week after BYU's. So, we are hoping to borrow a cap and gown from someone... either that or photoshop one of us in the cap and gown. The former would be my choice.

Here is to moving on in life and "carpeing the diem."

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  1. WOW. That's coming fast! Welp, as the former Caps & Gowns logistical assistant I can tell you that you actually buy-to-own all of the stuff that you use for graduation! You don't return any of it unless someone is getting a Master's! So no worries about having it a week later! Also, do the smart thing and buy it early, otherwise it's $10 more or so . . . what am I a commercial?


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