Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hail to the Chief

Wednesday night (1/27) at 7:00 p.m. (MST) we will hear our President's first address to the nation. What is it going to be like? I'm really curious to see what his attitude is, where his enthusiasm lies, how optimistic/ pessimistic he is and what kind of words he uses. Is it going to be flat and meaningless? Or is he going to put some action into his words? Health care. Spending freezes. Unemployment rates. Social security. Is he going to mention Brown in Massachusetts? We should be thinking about these things and taking interest! This is our future! I can't understand why so many people take no care in their government. This is for us, because of us. Form an opinion and voice it. I know the GOP will be voicing theirs after the Address. Should be interesting to hear them rip everything apart.

We have a president and I respect him as the leader of our nation, however, I am waiting to really see anything that truly shows me he is our president. We are the people. Is he or anyone else on the Hill listening to us? I guess we'll see tomorrow night.

Hail to the Chief.

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