Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Confessions of a freeway car singer

I am most definitely a car singer. I'm that car you pass on the freeway where the driver is belting to the song she is listening to. She may or may not look like a complete idiot because, to you, she is singing in silence.

But, were you to join the party in her car, here is what you'd be belting to as well:

I have two favorite playlists on my iPod, to which I belt;[Can you tell "belt" is a favorite word in this post?] I would highly recommend these two albums for all you closet car singers. [Do we call them albums anymore? I feel like that word is suuper retro.]

1. Mindy Gledhill's newest album: Anchor [Not sure if you know just how in love I am with this album... it is incredible. Even Nie Nie loves Mindy. That is saything something.]

2. [Preface: I don't really consider myself a "country" girl, but, this one is just classic.] Rascall Flats: Feels Like Today

Random choices of music, I know. Let's just say I'm eclectic. I turn the volume up to about 37 or 38. [36 isn't enough and 39 is just enough to pierce your earsdrums a little too much.]

And then... I belt.

Happy car singing!

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