Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Camera... for sale

How kosher is it to use my blog to sell something? I'm not sure. But here I go anyway.

Tear. I've made a lot of memories with this camera. But, as Sarah Brightman says, it is "time to say goodbye."

I'm selling my SLR camera. You interested?

Here are some specs:

It is a film camera, not digital. [Big reason why I'm selling it. I don't really use film anymore.]

*It is a Canon EOS ELAN.
*I have two lenses for it. First lens: Quantaray 70-300mm (Tele-Macro) and the second lens: Quantaray 35-80mm. [They're obviously both compatible with the Canon body.]

It is an absolutely amazing camera. If I had reason to keep a film camera, I totally would, because this is one heck of a SLR.

A few pics of the beauty: [forgive the crummy shots... they were taken with my puny little pocket digital camera.]

How much, you ask? $150. [I'm selling the set on KSL and Craigslist for $180... but if you get it from me on my blog, I'll bump it down to $150... because I love you.]


  1. Hey Ash-how much are you selling the Quantaray 35-80mm lens for?

  2. Cool-I think we're going to pass and get an even wider lens one day. Thanks though! But hey-where is that fabric from? I am making some window treatments and need something just like that.

  3. Cool - no worries. The fabric is from Ikea... kind of fun, huh?!

  4. AEJ.
    im just gonna go on a film photog rant for a sec.
    stick with me.
    KEEP YOUR CAMERA! i will even send you film!
    you will be sad without it! film is such an adventure.
    and just think. you can give it to your children and they will LOVE it.
    especially b.c. things will be so diff in the future.
    just think about it?!
    did i mention i LOVE film!

  5. I have that exact bedspread! I love it! Good Luck with selling your camera!

  6. Ohhhh M.E.W... you may have just won me over. Thinking of my kids playing with the camera? Ya... that kills me! This was my first camera and I LOVED it. I may just have to hold on to it... we'll see. Thanks for the input. ;)

  7. AEJ.
    i am here for all your photographic needs and more.
    like love and laughter.
    but seriously.
    film cameras are treasures of gold!
    and your children. come on!
    they will love you for it :)

  8. dear AEJ, is this little gem still for sale? I am curious and with Christmas time around the corner, I am even more curious...

  9. Dearest Amanda... yes, this little gem is still for sale. It is a film camera... just want to make sure you know that. Let me know if you have any questions about it. It really is in great condition.


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