Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking to travel... on a dime?

Oh heavens. On Fox News tonight, I saw this story about three guys starting a new way of lodging when traveling called, "Air BnB." My dear readers, I'm about this close " - " to quitting my job and running away to Greece. The idea of the story is people all over the world are renting their extra rooms, basements, apartments to anyone who wants to come and stay. Some have beds, cots, air mattresses... but the point is, they have room, and inexpensive room.

Rooms in Manhattan flats for $70 a night. No joke. Thailand - $80. England - $45. Virginia - $60. Greece - $71. I'm about to die. Check out the website and see below. The travel bug has bit.

The New York Times also found this an intriguing idea.

A great map of all of the locations available in the world... in the WORLD.

Interested in an apartment in Greece? I am.

or, if you're interested in spending a few more bucks for a nice night, you could go for this: A private yacht, with crew, in Bora Bora. Oh geez. Where's my man... I want to go now.

Yes, this is a "few" more dollars... but look at the pictures! A private yacht? In Bora Bora?! This is the highest price I saw on here - all the others are actually very, very inexpensive.


  1. GIRLS TRIP!! That yacht is totally in our price range. I wish we weren't so tied down to school. This is Kristina I am just logged onto Joe's account.

  2. Girls trip indeed!!! Can you imagine how much FUN the four of us would have?! The Draper girls reunited... in BORA BORA!!!!

  3. I would never make the cut as your man, but I am a very willing substitute for an idea like this!! This is awesome!


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