Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey 1 - Mashed Potatoes 0

Alright readers, what do you think?

Turkey or mashed potatoes?

It's the question of the season: what makes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving?

Yams? Stuffing? Turkey? Mashed potatoes? [Hold on one second, I just have to wipe the drool from my laptop.]

Some may dress up in pilgrim and Indian costumes... some may go out to dinner for Thanksgiving to avoid the mess of post-eating clean up. Some have the traditional dinner and watch football the rest of the day. But, the highlight of all of these situations is one thing: food.

Personally, my allegiance lies with our "five-fingered-friend" here.

[If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back to 2nd grade, place your hand on a piece of paper and trace your hand... add a beak to the thumb... color the fingers red, yellow and orange. Voila. Your five-fingered-friend is a turkey.] I believe, from a good turkey all Thanksgiving flows.

Bring on the tryptophan.

Norman Rockwell didn’t spend all that time painting pans of sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, did he?

No. He painted turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I do like turkey, but I don't love it. I am more of a sides kind of girl.

  2. I'd have to say the turkey AND yams. Oh, and for our family, it is also this AH-mazing cranberry salad. I am indecisive, can you tell? ;)

  3. Kristina and Annette - I sound pretty decisive in my post, but I have to agree... there are some sides that totally make Thanksgiving - yams, for one. Annette - you're not alone - I have my indecisive moments as well. :)

  4. Yes yes -- sides. My vote goes for the stuffing!

  5. im a stuffing girl, all the way. I HATE turkey actually.


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