Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Hallelujah" I did it.

On Sunday, I made the terrifying [it might be a small exaggeration to use that word] drive downtown in the snow storm. It was so bad, I couldn't even see the lanes, or rather the lines, on the road.

Anyway, enough of my complaining, the reason I drove downtown in the snowy mess, was because I attended my first Messiah Sing-in. [Can I get a golf clap, please?] I did it! What an incredible experience! Truly. It was amazing. There were some people there who have been attending the sing-in for more than 35 years. Wow. They deserve a full on round of applause, not just a golf clap.

I went with a darling, long-time friend of mine who convinced me that it isn't about your ability to sing, it is about the spirit with which you sing. So, I gave it all the spirit I had. Bless the lady on my left's heart - she had to deal with a lot of my so-called "spirit."

In my case, "spirit" equals:
1. Dreadful attempts to hit way too high of notes.
2. Quickly stopping to sing when I realize I've come in two measures too soon.
3. Breathing completely irregularly and sounding more like a dying dog than a singing angel.

Again, I say, bless you, dear woman who sat on my left. And bless you, friend, for inviting me and putting up with my eager, enthusiastic "spirit." All in all, I'd say it was a


  1. Bah I have always wanted to do that! I was hoping to do this year but I guess I'm too late. :( Next year it is! We should go together because I want to hear your dying dog singing.

  2. You've got a deal, Krista. However, I'll try and get my dying dog up to the next level: moaning mule. :)

  3. Very sweet post!

    I like your blog!

    Rambles with Reese


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