Friday, November 26, 2010

Karen and Harry

It is time.

The Carpenters. Harry Connick Jr. Miles Davis. Bring on the classics for Christmas.

If we were in Germany right now, I'd be pulling your arm toward the "Weihnachtsmarkt." [Aka: Christmas Market.] They usually open a few days before December, or on December 1. I don't think I have ever been more in the "Christmas spirit" as I was during the two Christmases I spent in Germany two years ago. Germans know how to do Christmas. The Christmas Markets are unlike anything you have ever seen or smelled. You can be two blocks away from the market and you will start smelling it... bread, wurst, beer, gluhwein, cinnamon almonds... pure happiness, bascially. You'll spend a lot of money on handmade Christmas ornaments, decorations, the most beautiful nutcrackers ever, Engeln und Bergmaenner [my favorites]... ahhh, I could go on forever. If you EVER have the blessed chance to go to Germany, go at Christmas time. You won't be disappointed.

Notice the new blog header? I got in the Christmas decorating mood and decided to "theme-up" my blog a bit. I just hope no ones Christmas trees are as sparce and lanky as the ones I've depicted!

A toast... to the beginning of the Christmas holiday season!

Merry Christmas! | Frohe Weihnachten!

Yep... this is one of them!


  1. i love the photo.
    also love your sparse christmas trees!

  2. I love Christmas markets! They just started today!!! We just went to a little one in Geisenheim.:) Have you ever been to the one in Rüdesheim? So beautiful!
    Hab´einen schönen 1.Advent!
    PS: Was the photo taken in Mainz?

  3. I forgot to say, I love your blog header! How did you make?

  4. Oh Verena! I'm so jealous! :) I haven't been to the one in Ruedesheim... I want to now! Gleichfals!

    ps- No, I wish I took this picture. I found it on the internet... I'm going to load some of my Mainz pictures later. I took a lot at that Christmas Market! So beautiful!

  5. And... thank you for the header compliment! I made it on my laptop with a program called Illustrator. I make headers for people... let me know if you want one!

  6. Keri... I'm going back next summer... excited out of my mind. I think all the Frankfurt sisters should go back together sometime, soon. :)

    Thanks Andy!


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